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    COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Self-Testing

    COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test Self-Testing

    Sterile swabs.
    Rapid detection :15 minutes out of the results.
    Quick in-home testing takes away the worry of developing symptoms.(Not Available in the U.S)

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  • Tap Density Tester

    Tap Density Tester

    Powder density is the mass per unit can be classified as bulk density and tap density by different measuring method. Tap density tester is to measure the density of powder has been tapped or packed by standardized and repeatable procedures according to international standards.

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  • Oil Free Air Compressor

    Oil Free Air Compressor

    Pure oil-free: pure oil-free design, the output gas does not contain oil, and protects the terminal gas equipment.
    Anti-rust of tank body: After finishing the inner wall of the storage tank, spray plastic treatment, anti-corrosion and anti-bacterial, to ensure the safety of gas equipment.
    Automatic control: The pressure switch automatically controls the start and stop of the machine.
    Easy to operate: it can be used after power on.
    Simple maintenance: easy maintenance and easy to use.
    Muffler box, drying system and filtration system can be added according to user needs to reduce noise, increase pressure dew point and improve filtration accuracy.

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  • Multi-parameter Soil Meter

    Multi-parameter Soil Meter

    Multi-parameter Soil Meter
    Handheld Multi-parameter Soil Meter can acquire different parameters with different sensorsand the tested parameter would be air temperature,humidity, soil temperature, soil moisture. lt is widely used in facilities agriculture,forestry, horticulture,animalhusbandry and other fields,and fulfills to carry out conduct of automatically monitor,automatic control and inteligent management to the facilities for comprehensive agriculturalecological information.

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  • Air Volume Meter - BK-AVM-1、BK-AVM-1S

    Air Volume Meter - BK-AVM-1、BK-AVM-1S

    Description :
    Air volume meter is widely used in HVAC, purification technology and other industries for sealing and pipe air volume, temperature, humidity measurement.

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  • Examination Bed

    Examination Bed

    The examination bed is generally placed in the consultation room to check the specific condition of the patient. From small clinics to large hospitals, it is suitable for use in various departments of outpatient clinics, and can be used as lying or lying on patients during pre-diagnosis.

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  • Electric Hospital Bed

    Electric Hospital Bed

    The electric hospital bed is a device that changes the position of the bed through an electrical control system. The multifunctional electric bed provides complex postures for clinical needs such as back, bent legs, full lift, full forward tilt, full back tilt, etc., which is convenient for nursing staff to operate and can effectively reduce the labor intensity of nursing staff.

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  • Multifunctional Microwave Chemistry Reaction Workstation

    Multifunctional Microwave Chemistry Reaction Workstation

    BMS-M2000 integrates the atmospheric pressure and pressurized reactions, microwave heating, ultrasonic and ultraviolet irradiation, and other functions, and provides the workstation with flexibility and reliability for the microwave chemical research. UWave-2000 has an intelligent operating system, and 7-inch touch screen control is simple and friendly; It realizes the multi-energy and multifunctional free combination and collocation with the modular design, giving inspiration to your experiment; It can conduct the 2000ml open vessel reaction and 500ml pressurized reaction maximally, thus can help researchers conduct the mass production experiment. Regardless of organic extraction, pharmaceutical research, protein chemistry, novel material science, research of the graphene, polymer synthesis and many other fields, BMS-M2000 will provides various imaginations and feasibility of the microwave chemical research.

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  • Microwave Synthesis/Extraction Reaction Workstation BMS-II Plus

    Microwave Synthesis/Extraction Reaction Workstation BMS-II Plus

    BMS-II Plus microwave synthesis/extraction reaction workstation, that can meet various experiment plans, has a rational, friendly and simple operation design. It is widely used in researches, such as organic synthesis, pharmaceutical chemistry, organic extraction, food science, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, protein research, petrochemical engineering and materials chemistry, etc. BMS-II Plus supplies a versatile reaction platform that is superior to regular heating method.

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