Multifunctional Incubator
  • Cooling Incubator BJPX-I-200L BJPX-I-250L BJPX-I-300L BJPX-I-400L

    Cooling Incubator BJPX-I-200L BJPX-I-250L BJPX-I-300L BJPX-I-400L

    Application Cooling incubator is suitable for environmental protection, health, epidemic prevention, drug testing, agricultural livestock, aquaculture and other scientific research, production departments, water analysis of BOD determination, bacteria, mold and other microbial samples culture preservation, plant cultivation, breeding test.

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  • Gel Card Incubator BJPX-SK24

    Gel Card Incubator BJPX-SK24

    Features Real-time temperature value display, countdown display. Control temperature PID microprocessor; Automatic fault detection and alarm function; With temperature deviation calibration function; LCD Display; Powder coated steel shell, durable; Timer can accurately control heating time, timing range :0~9999 minutes (hours); timing error :<1.

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  • Platelet incubator BJPX-SP05 BJPX-SP08 BJPX-SP10 BJPX-SP18 BJPX-SP36

    Platelet incubator BJPX-SP05 BJPX-SP08 BJPX-SP10 BJPX-SP18 BJPX-SP36

    Applications After thawing,platelets need to be kept swinging in a constant temperature environment of 20℃-24℃ while waiting forinfusion to patients.The platelet incubator is a device made according to this requirement.When the thawed platelets areplaced on the inner chamber storage shelf,the machine can continuously output the continuous left-right reciprocationwith the amplitude of 50mm and the frequency of 60rpm,and the horizontal oscillation is achieved,which solves theproblem of safe storage of platelets.

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  • BIOBASE BJPX-200 BJPX-300 Multifunctional Incubator

    BIOBASE BJPX-200 BJPX-300 Multifunctional Incubator

    Features: * The unique air duct design makes the temperature more uniform. * The non-slip separator design prevents the sample from fallingoff when the shelves is pulled. * The 7.0-inch color LCD touch screen can monitor the temperature curve in real time, and the menu-type operation interface is simple and easy to understand, which is convenient for observation and operation. * Three-level operation interface authority (administrator, experimenter, operator), to prevent the operation ofirrelevant personnel from causing test interruption or equipment failure. * Equipped with an interconnected PC interface for remote operation monitoring and optional mobile phone APP control program.

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  • Biological Indicator Incubator BIO-80

    Biological Indicator Incubator BIO-80

    Features Small in size and flexible in movement. A variety of specification modules are available to match biological indicators from different manufacturers. Portable, suitable for 24V power adapter. Optional power failure automatic recovery function, automatic operation function when booting, improve work efficiency. The transparent insulation cover is convenient for users to observe the whole process of the experiment.

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  • Biological Indicator Incubator Bit1000/Bit1000-S

    Biological Indicator Incubator Bit1000/Bit1000-S

    Applications It is a sample constant temperature incubation equipment designed based on thin-film heating and PID automatic temperature control technology. The flexible random independent timing function effectively improves the work efficiency and is the ideal equipment for the constant temperature culture reaction process of all kinds of biological indicators.

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