• DispensMate Bottle-Top Dispenser

    DispensMate Bottle-Top Dispenser

    Features: *Excellent chemical resistance *Fully autoclavable at 121°C *Easy to clean and maintain *Made of PTFE、FEP、BSG、PP *Four ranges of bottle-top dispenser cover a volume range from 0.5ml to 50ml *The optional flexible discharge tube with safety handle permits fast and precise dispensing *Vapor pressure Max. 500mbar, viscosity max. 500mm2/s, temperature max. 40°C, density max. 2.2g/cm3 *DispensMate plus is supplied with S40, GL32, GL38, GL25, GL28 sized adapters

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  • Bottle-Top Dispenser

    Bottle-Top Dispenser

    Features: * Excellent chemical resistance. * Fully autoclavable at 121℃. * Adjustable control knob makes setting the volume easy. * Made of PTFE, FEP, BSG,PP. * Vapor pressure Max. 500mbar, viscositymax. 500mm2/s, temperature max.40°C, density max.2.2g/cm2.

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  • Automatic Micro Liquid Dispenser AMS-01

    Automatic Micro Liquid Dispenser AMS-01

    Introduction The Automatic Micro Liquid Dispenser is equipped with a high-precision peristaltic pump and a robotic arm, which can quickly, accurately and consistently complete the automatic liquid dispensing operation, liberate the hands of the experimenter, and avoid mistakes while improving efficiency. The liquid dispensing accuracy of the product meets the minimum liquid dispensing volume as low as 5uL, and the filling time of 100uL in a 96-well plate is 10s.

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  • Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser

    Electronic Bottle-Top Dispenser

    Features: *Motor operation minimizes the grip force. *Electronic control decreases the repetitive strain injury. *Remote control panel prevents manual disturbance during operation. *Two dispensing modes. *Dispenser. *Stepper function.

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