Semi-Automated Plate Sealer
  • Thermo Shaker Incubator

    Thermo Shaker Incubator

    *LCD display. It is easy to setup and use.
    *Reliable design with inner extra temperature protection.
    *Each thermo shaker is equipped with lifter that is easy to replace different blocks.
    *Digital accuracy and convenience.
    *Precision wells for uniform thermal transfer.
    *Assorted blocks for a wide variety of tube sizes.
    *Brushless DC Motor: noiseless long service life maintenance-free.
    *Conform to CE safety standard.
    Accurately control and display time, temperature and speed.

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  • Microplates Shaker

    Microplates Shaker

    *LCD display system status and parameters.
    *Stable and reliable shaking.
    *Easy to operate with one touch knob.
    *Automatic fault detection and buzzer alarm function.
    *12-month warranty.

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  • Denaturation & Hybridization System

    Denaturation & Hybridization System

    *This instrument is adopted FISH processing step, which can reduce a lot of manual operating time and avoid the damage of harmful reagent.
    *Full touch screen operation, friendly human interface.
    *Support restart functionality runs an unexpected power outage, when power is restored can be scheduled to automatically back up and running.
    *Supporting automatic cooling function after running over.
    *Supporting automatic warm-up function.
    *Platform high precision of temperature control, low fluctuation.
    *Can deal with 12 slides.
    *Support 105 custom programs stored functions.
    *Integrated denaturation and hybridization, hybrid, multiple-step operation three modes of operation.

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  • Microplate Incubator

    Microplate Incubator

    The microplate incubator adopts micro-processing technology combined with PID control method, which has the advantages of small size, light weight, and no pollution; LCD displays temperature and time, and is easy to operate. Mainly used for incubation of ELISA plates (96-well/384-well plates), 96-well cell culture plates, etc.

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  • Semi Automated Plate Sealer

    Semi Automated Plate Sealer

    The Semi-Automated Plate Sealer is used for sealing a wide variety of microplates (Elisa, cell culture, PCR and deep-well plates) to store samples, prevent evaporation and minimize contamination. It is applicable for a variety of heat seals, meeting any laboratory application, including PCR, coulorimetric, fluorescence, long term storage. A plate sensing system allows to provide uniform force, transferring heat evenly to the sealing surface whether using PCR plates or deep-well plates.

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