Electrolyte Analyzer
  • BIOBASE BKE Series Electrolyte Machine Analyzer Blood

    BIOBASE BKE Series Electrolyte Machine Analyzer Blood

    1. Automatic electric potential tracking and correcting software to ensure the stable performance.
    2. Automatically detect and filter tiny bubbles to avoid clog and ensure accurate measurement.
    3. Real-time diagnostic of system working status.
    4. Waste liquid automatic detection and alarming.
    5. Automatic calibration and two-point correction to adjust slope and intercept.
    6. Wave flushing method and direct flushing pipe method to avoid block and crossed contamination.
    7. Power failure protection for data storage up to 10000 results.
    8. Minimum consumption,reduce consumable cost.
    9. Rapid test speed of 80 tests per hour.

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  • BOD Tester BK-BOD02

    BOD Tester BK-BOD02

    Measurement of BOD in the water with simple and safe mercury-free pressure difference measurement method to prevent mercury poisoning caused by the leakage of mercury column;

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  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzer BK-TOC2000 & BK-TOC3000

    Total Organic Carbon Analyzer BK-TOC2000 & BK-TOC3000

    • Equipped with signal management system to realize accurate online setting, real-time monitoring, self-testing and flow speed controlling, also ensures perfect device performance and experiment safety
    • Low current system design highly ensures the safety of operators
    • Temperature can be set according to different samples which ensures complete sample digestion
    • The power of cooling module can be set according to sampling volume which improves drying performance, also prohibits wet gas damaging the NDIR detector.
    • Automatic leakage checking system not only avoids mis-operations also improves device performance and operation safety.
    • Flow rate controlling system avoids the influence of flow rate fluctuation which ensures more accurate data
    • TOC detector with 24 bits data solution extends monitoring range. Controlling system with 32bin processing technology greatly improves device performance

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  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzer BK-TOC1500 & BK-TOC1700

    Total Organic Carbon Analyzer BK-TOC1500 & BK-TOC1700

    •Equipped with conductivity detector to quantify TOC concentration.
    •BK-TOC1700 is able to work under on-line mode to realize real-time monitoring
    •Ideal choice to measure and monitor microelectronics water, purified water, water for injection, etc.
    • Automatic sample introduction with one-button setting, no sample contamination, no harm on operator and environment
    • UV oxidation by UV lamp, no need to add acid, gas or catalytic, greatly reduces the experiment and maintenance cost
    • 7 inches touch screen with smart UI, easy to operate and read test data
    • In compliance with FDA-21 CFR Part11 requirements and USP, EP, JP and CHP
    • Auto sampler is optional according to different experiment requirements
    • Online and offline mode can be easily switched. (BK-TOC1700)
    • 8GB large storage capacity, no restriction of data and time
    • Quick test, each analysis takes less than 3 minutes
    • All historical records can be traced by searching test date
    • Data can be retrieved and saved to USB directly
    • Equipped with Bluetooth printer for quick and easy data printing
    • Modular design for quick installation and easy maintenance

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  • Electrolyte Analyzer

    Electrolyte Analyzer

    BKE series electrolyte analyzer adopts advanced ion selective electrode measurement technology, which can directly measure the concentration of K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca2+ and pH in serum, plasma, whole blood, cerebrospinal fluid and diluted urine. It is a fast, accurate, convenient and practical clinical testing instrument.

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