Electrolyte Analyzer
  • BOD Tester BK-BOD02

    BOD Tester BK-BOD02

    Measurement of BOD in the water with simple and safe mercury-free pressure difference measurement method to prevent mercury poisoning caused by the leakage of mercury column;

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  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzer BK-TOC2000 & BK-TOC3000

    Total Organic Carbon Analyzer BK-TOC2000 & BK-TOC3000

    • Equipped with signal management system to realize accurate online setting, real-time monitoring, self-testing and flow speed controlling, also ensures perfect device performance and experiment safety
    • Low current system design highly ensures the safety of operators
    • Temperature can be set according to different samples which ensures complete sample digestion
    • The power of cooling module can be set according to sampling volume which improves drying performance, also prohibits wet gas damaging the NDIR detector.
    • Automatic leakage checking system not only avoids mis-operations also improves device performance and operation safety.
    • Flow rate controlling system avoids the influence of flow rate fluctuation which ensures more accurate data
    • TOC detector with 24 bits data solution extends monitoring range. Controlling system with 32bin processing technology greatly improves device performance

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  • Total Organic Carbon Analyzer BK-TOC1500 & BK-TOC1700

    Total Organic Carbon Analyzer BK-TOC1500 & BK-TOC1700

    •Equipped with conductivity detector to quantify TOC concentration.
    •BK-TOC1700 is able to work under on-line mode to realize real-time monitoring
    •Ideal choice to measure and monitor microelectronics water, purified water, water for injection, etc.
    • Automatic sample introduction with one-button setting, no sample contamination, no harm on operator and environment
    • UV oxidation by UV lamp, no need to add acid, gas or catalytic, greatly reduces the experiment and maintenance cost
    • 7 inches touch screen with smart UI, easy to operate and read test data
    • In compliance with FDA-21 CFR Part11 requirements and USP, EP, JP and CHP
    • Auto sampler is optional according to different experiment requirements
    • Online and offline mode can be easily switched. (BK-TOC1700)
    • 8GB large storage capacity, no restriction of data and time
    • Quick test, each analysis takes less than 3 minutes
    • All historical records can be traced by searching test date
    • Data can be retrieved and saved to USB directly
    • Equipped with Bluetooth printer for quick and easy data printing
    • Modular design for quick installation and easy maintenance

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  • Electrolyte Analyzer

    Electrolyte Analyzer

    BKE series electrolyte analyzer adopts advanced ion selective electrode measurement technology, which can directly measure the concentration of K+, Na+, Cl-, Ca2+ and pH in serum, plasma, whole blood, cerebrospinal fluid and diluted urine. It is a fast, accurate, convenient and practical clinical testing instrument.

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