Climate Incubator
  • 298l 350l 403l Laboratory Climate Incubator Microbiology Biobase

    298l 350l 403l Laboratory Climate Incubator Microbiology Biobase

    1. Microprocessor PID control, accurate and stable.
    2. Magnetic door sealing.
    3. LED display for BJPX-A series, LCD display for BJPX-AII series.
    4. CFC-free refrigerant, eco-friendly and highly efficient.
    5. Auto defrost without influence on the inner temperature.

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  • Climate Incubator(BJPX-AC)

    Climate Incubator(BJPX-AC)

    Widely applicable to the growth of plants and tissue culture, seed germination, seedling, microbial cultivation test; Insects small animals breeding; Water quality monitoring of determining BOD; Medicinal materials, timber, building mater.

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  • Climate Incubator BJPX-A Series

    Climate Incubator BJPX-A Series

    * LCD display.
    * Unique air circulation system ensures uniform distribution of air flow in the operating chamber without causing any harm to the seedlings.
    * Seting of 30 sections of program .It has parameter ettings for automatic storage in case ofpower failure, and the original program setting will run after power resumption.
    * Separate alarming system for temperature limit enables automatic termination of system operation in case temperature exceeding thelimit.(optional)
    * Two sets of compressors are intelligently converted to ensure long-term operation of the test equipment .(optional)
    * It can realize CO₂ concentration monitoring and control .(optional)
    * RS485 interface and built-in printer. (optional, only E series)

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