Horizontal Autoclave
  • High Temperature Class B Medical Instrument Sterilizer Sterilization Devices

    High Temperature Class B Medical Instrument Sterilizer Sterilization Devices

    * Sterilization data output: standard micro printer, no need for separate external connection.
    * 7-inch color LCD touch screen, which can display information such as temperature, pressure, operating status, fault alarm, cause analysis, and solutions at the same time.
    * Strong vacuum drying system, the vacuum degree can be up to-92kpa, after drying, the residual humidity of device doesn't exceed 0.25%, the residual humidity of dressing doesn't exceed 1%.
    * The air in the chamber is sterile and avoids re-contamination.
    * Adopt quick-release side cover and top cover for easy maintenance and cleaning.
    * Micro-controller programmable control technology.
    * Full protective door cover, effectively prevent burns.
    * The equipment adopt self-expanding sealing ring, sealing performance is more reliable and stable.
    * The closing method adopts a multi-point pressing structure of the radiation rod, safe and reliable.
    * The equipment is connected to the water source without manual replenishment. After the customer chooses the program, the equipment can complete the whole process from water injection to drying without human intervention.
    * After the program is completed, the sound prompts sterilization to be completed.
    * Built-in high speed steam generator, no external steam source, save time and effort.
    * With mobile temperature sensor, can meet the special requirements of the laboratory.
    * Pressure, mechanical and electronic three-layer safety interlock device, with over-temperature protection and over-pressure protection, can eliminate all safety risks.
    * The quick release is the side cover and the top cover, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and cleaning.

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  • Large Steam Autoclave Medical Sterilizing Machine

    Large Steam Autoclave Medical Sterilizing Machine

    BKQ series pulse vacuum sterilizer is advanced high pressure steam sterilizer which is designed and manufactured according to the latest requirements of sterilization. This series of sterilizers is used for the sterilization of health care products and their accessories.

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