Cooking Oil Tester
  • Cooking Oil Tester COT-280

    Cooking Oil Tester COT-280

    he Cooking Oil Tester is a fast,safe and efficient instrument for testing the quality of edible oil,with short testing time
    and fast response time.No chemical reagents are used in the measurement process to ensure maximum food and environmental safety.This product detects the total polar material (TPM)in cooking oil to reflect the degree of aging
    of cooking oil.This product can be directly measured in high temperature oil (not more than 200C),suitable for all kinds
    of frying grease quality rapid inspection.

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  • Cooking Oil Tester

    Cooking Oil Tester

    *Waterproof design, class IP65.
    *Using AA battery, 500 times measurement.
    *Adopting food-grade materials, safety and eco-friendly for probes.
    *1Easy operation, field testing, suitable for a variety of testing conditions.
    *Special design for probe in order to reduce residual oil and easy for clean.
    *Fast measurement, getting result within 15 seconds with sound-light alarm.
    *Adopting streamlined design, according to Ergonomics, easy handing and preventing it to fall apart.

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