NSF Certified Class II Biosafety Cabinet BSC-2FA2-NA BSC-2FA2-GL
  • NSF Certified Class II Biosafety Cabinet BSC-2FA2-NA BSC-2FA2-GL
  • NSF Certified Class II Biosafety Cabinet BSC-2FA2-NA BSC-2FA2-GL

NSF Certified Class II Biosafety Cabinet BSC-2FA2-NA BSC-2FA2-GL


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1. Motorized front window.
2. Large LCD display, all information displayed.
3. Automatic air speed adjustable with filter block.
4. With memory function in case of power-failure.
5. Side & back wall is made up of single piece stainless steel.
6. Interlock function: UV lamp and front window; UV lamp and blower, fluorescent lamp; Blower and front window.
7. Front 10° slanted to offer operator comfort while working for long time, reduce glare and maximize reach into the work area.


NSF Certified Class II Biosafety Cabinet BSC-2FA2-NA BSC-2FA2-GL


1.Motorized front window.

2.7-inch large touch color display:touch operation,real-time and clearer display of various values of the safetycabinet,dynamic air flow pattern diagram,fault alarm sound and light prompt.

3.The power-on password can be set to prevent mis-operation by irrelevant personnel.

2.EC Fan,automatically adjust the wind speed.

3.With power-off memory function,the state before power-off will be restored after power-on and there will be visualprompts and alarms.

4.The integrated design of the operation area makes it easy to disassemble and clean.

5.The cabinet is separated from the base.The height of the adjustable base can be customized.

6.Interlocking function:UV lamp and front window;UV lamp and fan;fan and front window.

7.It has the function of appointment timing,which can automatically set the time of starting and shutting down thesafety cabinet and the running time of ultraviolet lamps,fan and sockets.

8.The front window closes the trigger signal,so that the sterilization and disinfection function of the ultraviolet lamp isnormally turned on.

9.The one-piece hand resting surface has a larger contact area with the arm and is more comfortable.air speedadjustable with filter block.


External Size(W*D*H)700*650*1920mm
Internal Size(W*D*H)600*500*540mm
Work Surface Hight750mm
Max Opening370mm
Tested OpeningSafety height 254mm(10")
Front WindowTwo-layer laminated toughened glass>6mm,Anti UV
U PA Filter≥99.9995%efficiency at 0.12μm
Filter Guard TypeAluminum alloy frame
NoiseNSF 49≤67 dB
DisplayCapacitive touch screen
Waterproof SocketTwo,Total consumption≤500W
Ground Resistance≤0.1Q
Power SupplyAC230V,50/60Hz;AC115V,60Hz,Full load Amps:9A,BTU/Hr:1689
AlarnAbnormal airlow velocity;Filter replacement;Front window at unsafe height
MotorOne EC fan,115V&230V acceptable,Speed adjustable,High efficiency and low power consumplion
MaterialWorking area:304 stainless steel
Frame and Decoratve Plate:cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria power coating
UV Lamp15W
LED   Lamp10W*2
Standard AccessoryLED Lamp*2,UV lamp,Base stand,Drain valve,Waterproof sockets
Optional AccessoryArmrest,Airlow tester,Formalin fumigation sterlizer,Infrared sterlizer,Remote control,SS water tap*1&gas tap*1
Net Weight150kg
Package Size(W*D*H)Plywood:850*900*1400mm
Gross Weight190kg

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