Hematology Analyzer
  • Auto Hematology Analyzer BK-3100

    Auto Hematology Analyzer BK-3100

    1. 9.7-inch color touch LCD screen, easy to operate, display all parameters and histograms on the same screen
    2. Fewer samples are required for testing: whole blood≤10ul, pre-diluted≤20ul
    3. 60 samples/hour.
    4. 21 parameters + 3 histograms
    5. It can be turned on continuously for 24 hours
    6. Automatically clean the sampler, counting pool and pipeline after starting up
    7. Built-in thermal printer, external printer can be connected.
    8. Electrical impedance method, cyanide-free detection of HGB
    9. Fully intelligent blockage removal and alarm function
    10. Both automatic calibration and manual calibration are available
    11. Counting Mode: Venous, capilary, prediluted
    12. Support LIS system

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