Lighting Incubator
  • Lighting Incubator Laboratory Suppliers

    Lighting Incubator Laboratory Suppliers

    * Microprocessor PID control, accurate and stable.
    * Magnetic door sealing.
    * LED display for BJPX-L series, LCD display for BJPX-LII series.
    * CFC-free refrigerant, eco-friendly and highly efficient.

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  • Lighting Incubator(BJPX-LBK)

    Lighting Incubator(BJPX-LBK)

    * Large LCD screen.
    * Forced-air convection.
    * Microprocessor controller.
    * Universal casters with lock for easy movement.
    * Double door design, outer door is with viewing window.
    * Polished stainless steel chamber.

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  • Lighting Incubator BJPX-L Series

    Lighting Incubator BJPX-L Series

    * LCD display.
    * Unique air circulation system ensures uniform distribution of air flow in the operating chamber without causing any harm to the seedlings.
    * Seting of 30 sections of program .It has parameter ettings for automatic storage in case of power failure, and the original program setting will run after power resumption.
    * Separate alarming system for temperature limit enables automatic termination of system operation in case temperature exceeding the limit.(optional)
    * Two sets of compressors are intelligently converted to ensure long-term operation of the test equipment .(optional)
    * It can realize CO₂ concentration monitoring and control .(optional)
    * RS485 interface and built-in printer. (optional, only E series)

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