Gas Generator
  • Hydrogen Generator BK-HYG-500A BK-HYG-600P

    Hydrogen Generator BK-HYG-500A BK-HYG-600P

    The volume of the internal gas path in the hydrogen generator is less than 150ml, and the hydrogen is produced immediately after use, eliminating the risk of hydrogen storage.

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  • Oxygen Production System

    Oxygen Production System

    Introduction: Integrated medical molecular sieve oxygen production system, is a new type of equipment that extracts oxygen from air using molecular sieve as adsorbent and advanced pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology.

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  • Hydrogen Generator HG-300II HG-500II

    Hydrogen Generator HG-300II HG-500II

    Features: *Easy to operate, safe and reliable, one-time add alkali, daily use only need to supplement distilled water. Turn on the power switch to produce hydrogen. *The air passage part is made of stainless steel pipe.Electrolytic polishing, ultrasonic cleaning. With over - pressure protection device, two - stage purification. *Unique anti-return device, to ensure that the instrument no liquid back phenomenon. *Cartridge type electrolytic tank, electrolytic materials imported special precious metals, effectively improve the electrolytic efficiency, constant cell temperature, promote the service life of the electrolytic tank greatly improved. *Stable output flow and automatic tracking.Purity does not decay, can be used continuously.

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  • BIOBASE Laboratory Nitrogen Generator

    BIOBASE Laboratory Nitrogen Generator

    Features: *Improved double-cathode stainless steel electrolytic separation cell. Nitrogen production by electrolysis and oxygen exhaust are carried out simultaneously, and the electrolyte circulation is unimpeded. *The electrolysis separation cell has large electrolysis area, low cell temperature, large gas production, and higher nitrogen purity. *The unique anti-liquid return device ensures that the instrument will never return liquid. *Equipped with the function of voltage stabilization and automatic closing of the gas circuit after power failure. *Adopt advanced switching power supply to improve the efficiency of electrolysis and separation. *Small size and light weight, some products use oil-free compressors. (NG-300P/500P). *Need external air source(NG-300ll/500ll).

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  • BIOBASE HGC Series Portable Pure Water Hydrogen Generator Hydrogen

    BIOBASE HGC Series Portable Pure Water Hydrogen Generator Hydrogen

    Features: *SPE technology. * No corrosion and pollution. *High purity hydrogen (99.999%)(for Laboratory type). * Suitable for all kinds of GC(Gas chromatography). *Stable output flow, safe and convenient to operate, various alarm devices (over pressure alarm, water shortage alarm, water accumulated alarm). *The electrolytic cell adopts imported ionic membrane, which has the characteristics of resistance, durability and long life.(for Breathing Type (plastic shell). *The output flow of electrical automatic control system is stable and the fluctuation is small, (for Breathing Type (plastic shell).

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  • Hydrogen Generator BK-HYG-300P

    Hydrogen Generator BK-HYG-300P

    Introduction: The hydrogen generator is to generate hydrogen by electrolyzing water through PEM or AWE electrolysis technology. It consists of water tank, electrolyzer, power supply, gas-water separator, drying pipe, pressure controller and other parts.

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