Liquid Processing Instruments
  • Vortex Mixer BK-VX1 BK-VX2

    Vortex Mixer BK-VX1 BK-VX2

    Introduction: The structure of the vortex mixer is simple and reliable, and the instrument has the characteristics of small size, low power consumption, and low noise. It is widely used in biochemistry, genetic engineering, medicine and other fields. It can quickly mix any liquids and powders you need to mix in a high-speed vortex, and the mixing speed is fast, uniform and thorough.

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  • Rotary Evaporator RE-5000

    Rotary Evaporator RE-5000

    Application: Mainly used for concentration, crystallization, drying, separation and solvent recovery in pharmaceutical, chemical and biopharmaceutical industries.

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  • DispensMate Bottle-Top Dispenser

    DispensMate Bottle-Top Dispenser

    Features: *Excellent chemical resistance *Fully autoclavable at 121°C *Easy to clean and maintain *Made of PTFE、FEP、BSG、PP *Four ranges of bottle-top dispenser cover a volume range from 0.5ml to 50ml *The optional flexible discharge tube with safety handle permits fast and precise dispensing *Vapor pressure Max. 500mbar, viscosity max. 500mm2/s, temperature max. 40°C, density max. 2.2g/cm3 *DispensMate plus is supplied with S40, GL32, GL38, GL25, GL28 sized adapters

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  • Bottle-Top Dispenser

    Bottle-Top Dispenser

    Features: * Excellent chemical resistance. * Fully autoclavable at 121℃. * Adjustable control knob makes setting the volume easy. * Made of PTFE, FEP, BSG,PP. * Vapor pressure Max. 500mbar, viscositymax. 500mm2/s, temperature max.40°C, density max.2.2g/cm2.

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  • BIOBASE MX-T6-S MX-T6-Pro Laboratory Roller Mixer Mixing Blood Samples Mixers

    BIOBASE MX-T6-S MX-T6-Pro Laboratory Roller Mixer Mixing Blood Samples Mixers

    Features: *LCD display indicates the speed and time for MX-T6-Pro. *Speed range of 10-70rpm. *Six roller design for gentle rolling and easy to clean.

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  • Roller Mixer MX-T6-D

    Roller Mixer MX-T6-D

    Introduction: Roller mixer can be used for all kinds of common test tubes. It is especially suitable for mixing blood, viscous liquids and liquid-solid suspensions, prevention of blood coagulation and immune precipitation etc.

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  • Vortex Mixer

    Vortex Mixer

    Features: Mixing mode changes quickly LCD Integrated display High speed accuracy Suitable for a variety of test tube racks The appearance and operation interface are simple and beautiful

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  • Micro Pipette(Disinfection of the Whole)

    Micro Pipette(Disinfection of the Whole)

    Applications: Micro Pipette is suitable for pharmaceutical R&D centers, school laboratories, pharmaceutical and chemical R&D companies, chemical synthesis and other is often used in the laboratory to pipette a small amount of liquid or a small amount of liquid. The specifications are different, and the pipette tips of different specifications are matched with different sizes of pipette tips.

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  • E-Pipette


    Features: * High accuracy, high performance stepper motor ensures accuracy and repeatability, eliminating manual pipetting errors. * 2 LCM Display, Covered 0.1-10000ul volume range. * A motor driven digital control pipette with multifunction. * A special locking induction design,2 buttons handle all operational settings. * Light weight, ergonomic design, small body dimension for easy handling that guarantees fatigue free pipetting. * Pipetting, Mixing, Stepper and Dilution. * Adjustable speeds for aspiration and dispensing. * Li-ion battery and dual charging modes enable longer operation time.

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  • Pipette Filler BK-PF100

    Pipette Filler BK-PF100

    Features: * Pipette filler has an excellent feature and ergonomic design, suitable for almost all commonly used glass or plastic pipettes. * Enables single-handed operation with minimum effort. * Compatible with most of the plastic and glass pipettes from 0.1-100mL. * Easily adjustable speed control. * Stable and reliable performance, elegant appearance. * 0.45um replaceable hydrophobic filter. * High capacity Li-ion battery enable long operation time.

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  • Single Channel Digital Fixed Pipette

    Single Channel Digital Fixed Pipette

    Features: * An ergonomic design, convenience of use and simplicity of operation. * Ease of calibration and maintenance. * Availability for autoclave of part of the device. * Detailed instructions in Chinese and English. * A hook, disassembly tool and consumable replacement parts. * An ergonomic handle hook design for easy grip in the palm. * A clever design for the tip eject button. * Aclear reading window. * Availability for autoclave of the tip and the pusher, also detachable to facilitate cleaning and maintenance. * A tip cone made of durable chemical materials, with excellent chemical corrosion resistance.

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  • Automatic Micro Liquid Dispenser AMS-01

    Automatic Micro Liquid Dispenser AMS-01

    Introduction The Automatic Micro Liquid Dispenser is equipped with a high-precision peristaltic pump and a robotic arm, which can quickly, accurately and consistently complete the automatic liquid dispensing operation, liberate the hands of the experimenter, and avoid mistakes while improving efficiency. The liquid dispensing accuracy of the product meets the minimum liquid dispensing volume as low as 5uL, and the filling time of 100uL in a 96-well plate is 10s.

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