Leakage Tester
  • Leakage Tester-BK-ST134

    Leakage Tester-BK-ST134

    Application: Seal tester is used in food industry, beverage, pharmaceuticals, personal care etc. By air compressor, seal tester's negative pressure is generated to test the hermetic sealing quality and performance of packaging bags, bottles and cans etc.

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  • Leakage Tester-BK-ST132

    Leakage Tester-BK-ST132

    Features: * Microcomputer control, test parameters can be set, the test process is fully automated. * PVC operation panel, multiple parameters display at the same time. * High-quality plexiglass pipe, wall thickness up to 15mm. * Can realize the test process of one-key operation. * Pneumatic components sealing performance is superior, reliable quality. * Automatic constant pressure air supply, automatic backblowing unloading pressure. * External compressed air filter device, easy to drain water and clean impurities. * Dual power supply independent power supply.

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  • Leakage Tester-BK-ST130

    Leakage Tester-BK-ST130

    Features: * Manually adjust the pressure and control the pressure holding. * The performance of pneumatic components is stable and reliable. * High quality plexiglass sealing barrel, effectively enhance the compressive strength. * Electronic pressure holding device, reduce mechanical wear. * PVC operation panel, LED display. * Built-in time display, convenient for users to record and observe the pressure holding time.

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