Laboratory Analysis Equipments
  • Automatic Seed Counter

    Automatic Seed Counter

    Automatic seed Counter can automatic count many kinds of grains by setting number. In agriculture it is mainly used in grain count, exp. Rice, wheat, sorghum, corn, vegetables seed and so on.

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  • Plant Transpiration Rate Meter

    Plant Transpiration Rate Meter

    * Multiple parameters tested: test air temperature, leaf temperature, air humidity, PAR etc at same time,
    and count the transpiration rate and Stomatal conductance accordingly.
    * Small size, light, portable and one‐person operation.
    * Widely application: with different leaf chamber, the meter is able to be used in field crops, fruit and vegetables, hay etc which are in different shape.

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  • Root Scanner RS-A

    Root Scanner RS-A

    Root analysis system is based on image recognition technology, it is professionally used for root analysis of plants after washing the roots in vitro. It has the characteristics of convenience, efficiency and high accuracy, which can improve the work efficiency of practitioners, reduce labor costs.

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  • Soil Compaction Meter SCM-750

    Soil Compaction Meter SCM-750

    Probe to probe Consistency, handset can connect different kinds sensor by concentrator without influence on accuracy.

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  • Soil Compaction Meter SCM-750-II

    Soil Compaction Meter SCM-750-II

    Both AC and DC available, internal lithium battery: 8.4v 1500mAh, with function: charging protection, low voltage prompt. Also can be placed for a long time to record location;

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  • Soil Respiration Meter

    Soil Respiration Meter

    Soil respiration measurement is the main way for carbon to return to the atmosphere from terrestrial ecosystem, and it is also the characterization of life activities in soil. Accurate measurement of its release is the key to evaluate the biological process in ecosystem; By monitoring soil respiration and its related parameters, the response of root box soil microorganisms to climate change can be estimated. Soil CO2 flux is affected by many complex physical and biological processes in time and space. Long-term, continuous and accurate measurement of soil carbon flux is of great significance to the study of terrestrial ecosystem carbon flux. The soil respiration meter can simultaneously display the CO2 concentration, soil temperature, photosynthetic effective radiation intensity, flow, air temperature and humidity of the respiration chamber.

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  • Portable Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer SHMA-B

    Portable Soil Heavy Metal Analyzer SHMA-B

    It can analyze 34 kinds of standard elements of K, Ca, Ti, V, Cr, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, As, Se, Rb, Sr, Y, Zr, Nb, Mo, Ag, Cd, Sn, Sb, W, Re, Pd, Au, Hg, Pb, Bi, Cs, Ba, Th, U.

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  • Soil Aggregate Structure Meter

    Soil Aggregate Structure Meter

    Aggregate structure is the basis of fertility. The relationship between aggregate structure and soil fertility is mainly manifested in regulating the contradiction between soil moisture and air; coordinating the contradiction between soil nutrient consumption and accumulation; stabilizing soil temperature; improving soil tillage, which is conducive to the extension of crop root system.

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  • Soil Nutrient Tester

    Soil Nutrient Tester

    Microcomputer control, digital circuit, programming design, LCD, AC and DC dual-purpose

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  • Soil PH‐Moisture Meter

    Soil PH‐Moisture Meter

    The soil PH is an important factor to limits the crops production and the quality. This instrument is simple and convenient, can directly insert the soil.

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  • Gas Chromatograph BK-GC112A

    Gas Chromatograph BK-GC112A

    *7-inch LCD display indicates temperature, gas flow and heating curve.
    *SelMest linction and automatic fault recognition function.
    *8 pcs external extension interfaces can connect with control valve.
    *Equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID).
    *Multi-core and 32-bit embedded hardware system ensures the reliable operation.
    *Synchronous external trigger function and the external signal (auto sampler, thermal analyzer, etc.) can start the equipment and workstation software at the same time.
    *With chromatography workstation software to process data.
    *Memory function: can store 20 sample test modes.
    *One key start up function.

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  • Solid and Liquid Densimeter

    Solid and Liquid Densimeter

    It is suitable for the field of quality management, cost control, new formula researching and material studying, etc. Any form of solid could be measured.
    Measurement of special liquid such as volatile liquid, corrosivity liquid, strong acid and strong alkali liquid need optional accessory DE-20B anti corrosive liquid measuring assembly.

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