Muffle Furnace
  • Muffle Furnace MX Series

    Muffle Furnace MX Series

    *Program controlling temperature for TP series. *Heating wire is set in four sides of the furnace, anti-corrosion, prevent contamination. *Special insulation design, low shell temperature. *SCR control, PID parameter self-setting; *Low energy consumption. *Multiple safety protection design: Over-temperature alarm; Power off when over-temperature/over-load. Manual or automatic switch without interference; Built-in parameter password control function.

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  • Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace MXV6-10TP

    Vacuum Atmosphere Furnace MXV6-10TP

    The quick-install flange is easy to use, equipped with standard vacuum spare parts and atmosphere spare parts

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  • BIOBASE MC2.5-12 MC5-12 MC10-12 Lab 1200 Degree Celsius Muffle Furnace

    BIOBASE MC2.5-12 MC5-12 MC10-12 Lab 1200 Degree Celsius Muffle Furnace

    Features: *External material: cold-rolled steel with anti-bacterial powder coating and internal material: imported high density ceramic fiber. All stainless steel glory hole, make sure the color not change. *Dual ceramic inner chamber and hollow heat insulation ensure that the temperature can go up quickly. Heating rate is about 60°C/min. *Automatic parallel pressure door technology ensures the inner chamber temperature evenness and without leakage under the high temperature. *PID micro digital screen controller, fixing temperature, over-temperature alarming and auto-stop. *Safety protection measures: thermocouple failure, cut off power automatically when open the door and over temperature protection to avoid accidents occurring. *Double-shell hollow thermal insulation , the shell not hot and the furnace internal cool quickly.

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