Other Lab Equipments
  • Ultrapure Water Purifier--BK-UP-20L BK-UP-30L

    Ultrapure Water Purifier--BK-UP-20L BK-UP-30L

    * Water supply, RO water, UP water three water quality detection, all levels of consumables life alarm.
    * 5 inch LCD screen, real-time display of running status.
    * It has the function of taking water at regular time.
    * High and low pressure protection function.
    * Automatically shut down when water is cut off, automatically shut off water when shut down.
    * Automatic washing after starting, effectively extend the life of filter element.
    * Pressure water, to meet different customer requirements.

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  • Grinding Machine

    Grinding Machine

    It is widely used in biochemistry, microbiology, pharmaceutical chemistry, surface chemistry, physical chemistry,
    zoology and other fields.
    The types of samples processed include plant tissues (such as rice, corn, wheat, beans, peanuts), animal tissues (such as small intestine, heart, lung, fur, etc.), cells, bacteria, yeast, and various medicinal tissues, etc.

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  • Solvent Filtration Apparatus

    Solvent Filtration Apparatus

    Solvent filter is a regular device of chemistry lab, it is indispensable equipment for HPLC analysis. This device can also be used in instrumental analysis, sanitary inspection, pharmaceutical industry, pesticide liquid filtration, petroleum, environmental monitoring fields. It can monitor and remove the particles and bacteria in the liquid.

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  • Manifolds Vacuum Filtration

    Manifolds Vacuum Filtration

    Product Introduction:
    *It is convenient to filtrate several samples at the same time.
    *316L stainless steel holder, corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
    *Each holder has individual control valve, so one vacuum pump can support operations of single and multi-branch manifold filter.
    *It can be widely used in chemistry analysis, pharmaceutical, sanitation test, water quality analysis, science research fields and so on.

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  • Magnetic rod sleeve

    Magnetic rod sleeve

    Magnetic rod sleeve with deep hole plate is suitable for nucleic acid extraction on the specified model of nucleic acid extraction machine. In the process of nucleic acid extraction experiment, it can protect the magnetic rod from liquid separation and prolong the service life of the magnetic rod.
    Through the up and down movement of the magnetic rod sleeve, the sample can be evenly mixed, cracked, combined, washed and eluted in the corresponding magnetic bead reagent.

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  • Water Softener BK-WSE300 BK-WSE500

    Water Softener BK-WSE300 BK-WSE500

    * Program control device to realize automatic conversion of each link of water treatment.
    * Integrated design to reduce footprint.
    * All use quick plug interface, easy to install and disassemble.
    * Low energy consumption, no noise.
    * Integrated design, exquisite appearance.
    * Large flux design, large water flow.

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  • Water Softener WSE Series

    Water Softener WSE Series

    * Program control device, automatic control, only periodically add special regeneration agent.
    * Regeneration without salt pump.
    * Regeneration cycle of softening resin can be adjusted.
    * Simplified pipeline, compact structure, small footprint, saving space.
    * Stable operation, maintenance-free.
    * Can be directly connected with tap water or groundwater.
    * Can be softened after pre-treatment or secondary softening treatment.

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  • Hand-held Laser Dust Particle Counter-CLJ-H630

    Hand-held Laser Dust Particle Counter-CLJ-H630

    CLJ-H630 laser dust particle counter is a professional measuring instrument used to test the cleanliness level of air in clean room.

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  • Self-pressurized Liquid Nitrogen Tank

    Self-pressurized Liquid Nitrogen Tank

    Unique neck design, low evaporation loss rate;
    Has a perfect safety structure;
    stainless steel tank;
    With casters for easy movement;
    With protective operating ring;
    Optional liquid level gauge;
    Optional low temperature regulator;
    Optional low temperature solenoid valve;
    Optional automatic rehydration function.

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  • Static Storage Liquid Nitrogen Tank

    Static Storage Liquid Nitrogen Tank

    High-strength, lightweight aluminum structure;
    Ultra-low evaporation loss;
    Numbered index abbreviated position;
    Large-capacity straw storage;
    Matching cryopreservation tube clamp;
    Optional safety lock cover structure to prevent unauthorized opening;
    Optional liquid level monitoring system;
    Optional transport vehicle;
    Optional self-pressurized liquid nitrogen pump

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  • Tower UPS

    Tower UPS

    PC, ATM machine, server, network, radio and television, microcomputer room, bank securities network, signal station, mobile base station.

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  • Universal Oscillator- BX-Z-HD

    Universal Oscillator- BX-Z-HD

    BX-Z-HD is often used in liquid shaking, culture of microorganisms, bacteria and cells and other tests.
    * Intelligent sound and light alarm microprocessor controller. 
    * LCD display shows the set parameters and measured parameters, easy to operate. 
    * Running parameter memory function to avoid tedious operation. 
    * Microcomputer control brushless DC motor accurately. 
    * Power off recovery function, automatically restore operation according to the original setting program.

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