Biological Air Sampler
  • Biological Air Sampler PMS-01

    Biological Air Sampler PMS-01

    Introduction: Biological air sampler is an efficient porous suction biological sampler. It is designed according to the isometric sampling theory. The sampling is direct, and the wind speed of the collected head is basically the same as that of the clean room, which can more accurately reflect the microbial concentration in the clean room. During sampling, air with planktic microorganisms pass through the pores at high speed and was uniformly hit at the AGAR surface in the culture dish. These living microorganisms obtain uniform and sufficient nutrients on the surface of the AGAR. And dynamic rehydration process occurs rapidly during the culture process, the microorganisms grow quickly, and thus faster results are obtained.

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  • Biological Air Sampler BK-BAS-IV

    Biological Air Sampler BK-BAS-IV

    Application: It is designed according to the principle of multi jet holes particle impact and isokinetic sampling. And it gets the consistence of animalcule more accurately. It is an ideal air biological sampler for medicine plant, hospital, biological products, food machining, public place, etc.

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