Disinfection And Sterilization Equipments
  • 45l 60l 80l Autoclaves Dental Class B Autoclave Machine

    45l 60l 80l Autoclaves Dental Class B Autoclave Machine

    Pressure steam sterilizer for medical equipment, hygrometer sterilization and other health materials.

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  • Portable Autoclave

    Portable Autoclave

    This sterilizer uses pressure saturation steam as the gene to kill the bacterium. The article will be kept in airtight vessel and after heating, water will be transferred into saturation steam which will heat and damp the article quickly. After a certain period in constant temperature and pressure surrounding, the bacterium will be killed to satisfaction result.

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  • Biosafety Autoclave BKQ-B Series

    Biosafety Autoclave BKQ-B Series

    Biosafety autoclave is suitable for the sterilization of materials, instruments, utensils, culture media and wastes for the purpose of biosafety, in order to prevent the spread of pathogenic factors through aerosols to people, animals and plants or the environment pollution.

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  • Washer Disinfector (Lab Automatic Glassware Washer) BKX-CQS-120

    Washer Disinfector (Lab Automatic Glassware Washer) BKX-CQS-120

    Washer Disinfector can thoroughly wash and dry items. It is suitable for cleaning and drying of sample bottles, test tubes, beakers, pipettes, triangular flasks, volumetric flasks, etc. in various laboratories such as pharmaceutical companies, scientific research institutes, environmental protection, water systems, petrochemical systems, and power systems.

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  • Hot Air Sterilizer HAS Series

    Hot Air Sterilizer HAS Series

    Hot air sterilizer is used to sterilize small surgical instrument, glass, petri dishes etc.
    This device is suitable for medical and veterinary clinics, hospitals, pharmacies, health care centers, and laboratories.

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  • Table Top Class B Autoclave Dental

    Table Top Class B Autoclave Dental

    The pulse vacuum autoclave extracts vacuum and fills steam into the sterilization room for many times to make the sterilization chamber reach a certain vacuum degree, and then fills saturated steam to reach the set pressure and temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of sterilization of the sterilized substance.

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  • High Temperature Class B Medical Instrument Sterilizer Sterilization Devices

    High Temperature Class B Medical Instrument Sterilizer Sterilization Devices

    * Sterilization data output: standard micro printer, no need for separate external connection.
    * 7-inch color LCD touch screen, which can display information such as temperature, pressure, operating status, fault alarm, cause analysis, and solutions at the same time.
    * Strong vacuum drying system, the vacuum degree can be up to-92kpa, after drying, the residual humidity of device doesn't exceed 0.25%, the residual humidity of dressing doesn't exceed 1%.
    * The air in the chamber is sterile and avoids re-contamination.
    * Adopt quick-release side cover and top cover for easy maintenance and cleaning.
    * Micro-controller programmable control technology.
    * Full protective door cover, effectively prevent burns.
    * The equipment adopt self-expanding sealing ring, sealing performance is more reliable and stable.
    * The closing method adopts a multi-point pressing structure of the radiation rod, safe and reliable.
    * The equipment is connected to the water source without manual replenishment. After the customer chooses the program, the equipment can complete the whole process from water injection to drying without human intervention.
    * After the program is completed, the sound prompts sterilization to be completed.
    * Built-in high speed steam generator, no external steam source, save time and effort.
    * With mobile temperature sensor, can meet the special requirements of the laboratory.
    * Pressure, mechanical and electronic three-layer safety interlock device, with over-temperature protection and over-pressure protection, can eliminate all safety risks.
    * The quick release is the side cover and the top cover, which is convenient for equipment maintenance and cleaning.

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  • BIOBASE 16l 18l 23l Dental Medical Autoclave Sterilizer Class B

    BIOBASE 16l 18l 23l Dental Medical Autoclave Sterilizer Class B

    The table top autoclave can be used for medical and surgical items in ophthalmology, dentistry and internal medicine clinics, such as packaged items, hollow and porous items for sterilization, and can also be used in emergency rooms and small laboratories.

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  • UV Sterilization Cabinet

    UV Sterilization Cabinet

    It is suitable for sterilizing high temperature resistant appliances, glass sugar porcelain cups, ceramics, production supplies, currency, non-woven fabric, composite paper, cleaning appliances, tableware, towels, clothes, shoes, packaging materials and other products. The use of three-sided high intensity sterilization, the use of ultraviolet and ozone synergistic sterilization, ozone disinfects areas not exposed to UV rays, kill the surface of the virus or bacteria.

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  • Medical Automatic Glassware Washer(Washer Disinfector)

    Medical Automatic Glassware Washer(Washer Disinfector)

    Automatic medical washing disinfector provides standard and automatic cleaning and disinfection for most of medical equipments, so as to eliminate the possibility of infection in cleaning and disinfecting.

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  • Automated Dental Washer Disinfector Dental Medical Glassware Washer

    Automated Dental Washer Disinfector Dental Medical Glassware Washer

    1. High efficient cleaning system, designed with European reliable pump, optimized spray arm and nozzles, and self-cleaning program;
    2. Rapid and efficient drying system, designed with independent air heater, HEPA filter and  drying process;
    3. Water heating temperature can reach 99℃, while hot air drying temperature can reach 120℃;
    4. Professional configuration design—stainless steel for corrosion resistance;reinforced glass window mounted to achieve a clear view on washing process;
    5. PLC touch screen control with preset 6 programs and 99 cutomized programs
    6. Safety protection—electronic security door lock to prevent unexpected door opening, water & drying air temperature dual control and equipped with emergency switch.

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  • Bench UV lamp

    Bench UV lamp

    It is suitable for sterilization and air purification in large spaces, such as living room, bedroom, study room and toilet.

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