UV Plasma Air Sterilizer
  • Plasma Air Sterilizer(Wall Mounted)

    Plasma Air Sterilizer(Wall Mounted)

    It is suitable for general operating room, delivery room, blood ward, burn ward, protective isolation ward, intensive care unit, disinfection supply center, intensive dialysis center, examination room, treatment room, infectious disease consultation.

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  • UV Disinfection Trolley

    UV Disinfection Trolley

    It is mainly used for disinfection of objects surface in public places such as medical treatment, sanitation, family, kindergarten, restaurant. Also suitable for food manufacturing, factories, animal husbandry, poultry breeding industry, bacteria research units, pharmaceutical industry, etc.

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  • BIOBASE BK-Y-600 BK-Y-800 Mobile Uv Plasma Air Sterilizer

    BIOBASE BK-Y-600 BK-Y-800 Mobile Uv Plasma Air Sterilizer

    1. Display indoor temperature.
    2. Timing function of UV lamp cumulative use.
    3. Adopt quick disassembly filter, easy to clean and maintain.
    4. Air volume status display, high/medium/low air volume adjustable.
    5. Built-in high brightness, long life, ozone - free, U - type UV lamp.
    6. The super-infrared receiving device can realize long-distance remote control and easy operation a any 45 degrees. A built-in hidden remote control is placed to prevent the remote from being lost.
    7. High quality mirror plate is used to enhance the radiation intensity of ultraviolet lamp and improve the sterilization efficiency.

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