• Benchtop Turbidimeter BK-LT6A BK-LT6B

    Benchtop Turbidimeter BK-LT6A BK-LT6B

    Features: * Measured concentration value can be stored, printed, inquired and uploaded to the computer. * Measurement channels can be selected, up to 16 channels (optional, customizable), corresponding to different wavelengths. * Measurement method can choose straight line method or broken line method. * Various security measures, can set the boot input password. * Light intensity can be adjusted, divided into 16 levels, arbitrary settings. * Bilingual system, can be switched between Chinese and English. * USB interface, can be connected to the computer. * With printing function: test records can be immediately printed or query records printed.

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  • BK-Y202 BK-T201A BK-T202A Portable Handheld Turbidimeter

    BK-Y202 BK-T201A BK-T202A Portable Handheld Turbidimeter

    Features: 1. Narrow band filter system, less susceptible to interference of light(For BK-T201/BK-T202) Cold light source, narrowband interference optical system(For BK-T201A/BK-T202A) 2. Large LCD display 3. Able to store standard 20 curve and 199 measurements value(For BK-T201/BK-T202) 20 curve and 199 measurements value(For BK-T201A/BK-T202A) 4. Anticorrosive ABS main body, waterproof IP65 design 5. 16-bit single chip microcomputer system 6. Data protection function of power failure 7. Could charge lithium-ion battery(For BK-T201A/BK-T202A) 8. USB port included(For BK-T201A/BK-T202A)

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