ELISA Equipment
  • Microplate Incubator Shaker Thermos

    Microplate Incubator Shaker Thermos

    1. Easy to set up and use, all information real-time display and showing set up operation, convenient to observe equipment running status.
    2. Support standard microplates and deep well plates.
    3. Brushless DC motor, low noise, small interference, free maintenance.
    4. Automatic preheating function.
    5. Automatic power recovery function.
    6. Temperature calibration function.
    7. Built-in software and hardware over temperature protection device, will use more reliable.

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  • Microplate Thermo Shaker

    Microplate Thermo Shaker

    1. LCD displays system status and parameters.
    2. Stable and reliable operation with high quality switch.
    3. Easy to operate with one touch knob.
    4. Setup the time within 0~100 hours, instrument will make alarm voice when completing.
    5. With power recovery, instrument will continue to run when power recovers from outage.
    6. 12-month warranty.
    7. The mechanism of the incubator-heated base and cover

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  • Elisa Plate Microplate Washer

    Elisa Plate Microplate Washer

    1. Up to 100 washing programs, each program independently stores the name of an experiment item 
    and the shape parameter of the microplate;
    2. A variety of lotion channels are optional, which can be selected by default or manual switching;
    3. With the function of washing liquid washing pipeline, the washing time can be adjusted, effectively 
    preventing the formation of crystallization;
    4. The lotion bottle has a uniform volume scale, which is convenient for the preparation of working liquid,
    and the automatic alarm function is full of waste liquid;

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  • Elisa Microplate Elisa Reader

    Elisa Microplate Elisa Reader

    1. 8-channel vertical optical system.
    2. Super fast reading speed of 7 seconds.
    3. 10.1-inch Large Touch Screen with visual layout function, what you see is what you get.
    4. Hardware: ARM architecture high-performance low-power processor, with ADI high-precision AD conversion chip, the measurement is more accurate and stable.
    5. Software: Self-developed core algorithm, with independent intellectual property rights, flexible use of multiple calculation methods.

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