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UV Air Sterilizer (Wall Mounted)


It is suitable for dynamic indoor air disinfection in class II, III and IV environments of hospitals, such as operating room, delivery room, general protective isolation room, supply room sterile area, burn ward, ICU intensive care unit, pediatric ward, injection room, emergency room, laboratory and etc.  Also applicable for homes, schools, libraries, blood stations, food and beverage factories, pharmaceutical factories, sanitary products factories, electronics factories, farms, warehouses, banks, nursing homes, museums, archives, restaurants and other public places. 

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*LED display, there are 20s to display the total running time after shutdown.

*Two working modes: manual mode and timing mode. Timing can achieve 24h freely set thre

  sterilization periods, and has a memory function.

*Two kinds of wind direction control: manual and automatic. The wind angle can be adjust


*The super-infrared receiving device can realize long-distance remote control.

*Built-in high brightness, long life, ozone - free, U - type UV lamp.

*Human and machine coexistence(When there is no ozone).




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