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Plasma Air Sterilizer(Mobile)


1. It is mainly composed of a fan, a primary filter, a plasma module and an activated carbon molecular filter. 

2. It is safe for people to be present when it is working, and there is no smell, no radiation, and no corrosion of equipment during sterilization.

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It is mainly suitable for public places such as hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, food factories, hotels, kindergartens, schools, food and catering industry, public entertainment venues, offices, canteens, families, vehicles and ships, funeral homes.


* Two-channel stereometric air outlet, large circulating air volume. High, medium and low wind speeds are adjustable.

* LCD displays the sterilization time, which can be set freely.
* Infrared remote control is adopted, which is simple to operate and easy to use.
* With power-off memory function, power-on automatic recovery.
* No harmful substances are produced in the process, no secondary pollution to the environment,  and no harm to the human body.

* Timing sterilization function: the machine can set the start and end time of sterilization according to different use environments.

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