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Automatic Nucleic Acid Extraction System BK-AutoHS96

BK-HS96 is a high throughput, high sensitivity automatically extracted nucleic acid purification equipment, matching nucleic acid extraction kits is used to automatically complete the extraction of sample nucleic acid, flexible, stable result, low cost, equipped with efficient filtration device and safety gate design, it can effectively avoid cross infection and ensure the quality of nucleic acid extraction., guarantee the quality of nucleic acid.

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*Display: 10.1 inch touch screen, easy to operate

*Accurate temperature control and rapid temperature rise, can be adopted to actively reduce to room temperature and store samples in a short time at low temperature.

*The module is integrated with shocking and heating, which can be mixed with shock while heating, saving extraction time.

*Equipped with ultraviolet disinfection lamp, HDPE high efficiency filter and safety door protection function, it can effectively prevent aerosol pollution.

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