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Ozone UV Sterilization Cabinet


The ozone UV sterilization cabinet can sterilize the following appliances that are not resistant to high temperature: glass enamel cups, plastics, ceramics, machinery and equipment, production supplies, currency, non-woven fabrics, composite paper, packing boxes, packaging bags, appliances, cleaning appliances, mold, tableware, container, towels, work clothing, clothing, shoes, packaging materials, raw materials, solid objects. It is suitable for banks, hotels, restaurants, schools, roduction workshops with hygienic requirements, public places that need to be sterilized, and family rooms.

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Humanized design

High quality sealing materials, adjustable shelves, several layers can be customized according 

to the requirements, easy to use; 

Control system

Fully automatic control, adjustable sterilization time and shut down automatically after sterilization.

lOzone sterilization

Sterilization is more thorough, rapid, comprehensive, stable, 360-degree coverage.

UV-C with ozone sterilization lamp spectral distribution

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