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Disposable Virus Sampling Tube Kit


In the current epidemic situation, virus sample collection is an important part of virus detection. The single-use virus sampling tube can collect, transport, Inactivate and store virus samples from specific parts of the human body.

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★ Easy to operate and use.

★ Adding virus stabilizing ingredients can maintain the activity of the virus in a 

   wide temperature range. and reduce the decomposition rate of the virus (Non-inactivated 


★ Contains virus cleavage and virus nucleic acid preservation solution, which can quickly 

   cleave the virus,to release nucleic acid and store the nucleic acid stably (Inactivated 


Test Procedures:

1. According to different sampling requirements, use a sampling swab to sample at the

   corresponding part.

2. Place the swab after collecting the sample in a sterile sampling tube.

3. Put the swab into the preservation solution and break it from the breaking point.

4. Tighten the sterile sampling tube cover.

5. Mark the relevant sample information on the label of the sampling tube.

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