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Auto Urine Analyzer UA-240
①. Fully automatic. ②. High precision sample giving system. ③. Each module adapts 32 bit ARM processor. ④. Can be connected to urine tangible composition analyzer.
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Test items:

Urobilinogen(UBG), Bilirubin(BIL), Ketone body(KET), Occult blood(BLD), Protein(PRO), Nitrite(NIT), Leukocyte(LEU), Glucose(GLU), Specific gravity(SG), Power of hydrogen(PH), Vitamin C(VC), Micro albumin(MAL), Creatinine(CRF), Calcium ion(CAL).


1. Fully automatic: Sample presentation, sample injection, sample drop, analysis and report output automatically.

2. High precision sample giving system: Ensure the accuracy and reduce pollution.

3. Each module adapts 32 bit ARM processor, and is connected by CAN(Controller Area Network). Fast and accurate.

4. Particular IC card control system: Reduce batch difference.

5. Particular system upgrade function: Convenient TF card upgrade and maintenance function.

6. Can be connected to urine tangible composition analyzer. Comprehensive report of urine dry chemical test results,organic ingredients miscroscopy results & physical and chemical indicators.


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