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Water Purifier (SCSJ-IV/SCSJ-V)

Professional Water purifier produce RO and DI water,widely used in hospital,research lab,industry,university etc.

Automatically power on and power off according the water inflow or water outflow.

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Large LCD display, display the system running state and various parameters intuitively. 

Automatic microcomputer controlling system, 

Fault is detected automatically, automatic diagnosis. 

Water quality over standard alarm, no water alarm, consumables end alarm function. 

Consumables residual life shows, inform the user to replace consumables timely. 

3-way on-line sensor, detecting the quality of feed water, RO water and DI water's quality timely. 

New easy-inserting adaptor to make convenience of cartridge maintaining and replacing. 

Different tanks to meet every needs and assure ample water-supply. 

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